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"Growing up with my father selling toys and eventually owning Pun's, some would say I was a pretty lucky kid. Now that I am a father of 3, it is important for me to have not only the cool/fun toys, but also make sure they are well-made and safe. Searching for the new and exciting toys for the kids is the best part of my job

(but I still play with them first)."

If you were to walk into Pun’s, on the Main-Line of Philadelphia, this is what you would hear:   “Welcome to Pun's, how can we help”?       Pun's is reminiscent of a time when service and selection were everything. We take pride in taking care of our customers to the best of our ability. We are a full service, one stop shop helping you choose your toy, to wrapping and/or assembling, and getting it to your car, we take care of you from start to finish.       

      The store is only 1100 square feet in size, but that doesn't stop us from carrying thousands of toys from hundreds of different vendors. For over thirty years, Pun's has been the recipient of many awards for offering the best selection and service in the area. We want to extend our knowledge and service to you over the internet, as well. If you would like a personal shopping experience and can’t make it into our store, call us @ (610) 525-9789 or email us ( and we will take care of you as though you were standing at the counter


"I have been selling specialty toys since 1980 (owned Puns since 1996). It is truly an old fashioned 'family run' shop because my son, Joe Jr., and I own and run the store. We enjoy working closely with our customers from suggesting the appropriate toys to wrapping the presents. It is the perfect job for me, always believing you should, 'grow old-not up'."